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The Real Bibliography of Siegfried Sassoon

The pages accessed from this section relate to the body of work written by Sassoon during his lifetime. It is his real bibliography and to my knowledge has never been fully recorded on the Internet.

Please also see the Contributions page as this contains an ever expanding list of all the books that Sassoon contributed to and along with the books on the pages below make up the most complete record of his bibliography ever recorded.

I have illustrated the books where I have copies in my collection (unless otherwise stated), but this falls far short of the total. If I obtain books I will add them to the list but some of them are so rare I am sure I will never see them.

Early Poems These are the first publications by Sassoon leading up to the period of his war poems in 1917 and comprise mainly of softback pamphlets. They are extremely rare and are seldom seen offered for sale.

Memoirs UK These are the Fictional (Sherston), and real autobiographies, published in the United Kingdom during Sassoon’s lifetime.

Memoirs US These are the Fictional (Sherston), and real autobiographies, published in the Uinited States during Sassoon’s lifetime.

Memoirs EU These are the Fictional (Sherston), and real autobiographies, published in European countries during Sassoon’s lifetime. There are others yet to be discovered.

Poetry UK Poetry books by Sassoon published in the United Kingdom during his lifetime.

Poetry US Poetry books by Sassoon published in the United States during his lifetime.

Limited Editions This section covers books published in limited editions. Sassoon loved to publish editions in limited numbers and the search for these is one of the things that makes collecting his books so exciting for me.

Other Subjects This includes the Biography of Meredith which Sassoon wrote and was published both in the UK and US.

Siegfried Sassoon Diaries 1915-1918 - Audio Cassettes

Diaries 1915-1918

Not a book, but no less interesting for that as I have not come across this set of audio books before and was really pleased to add them to my collection.

Siegfried Sassoon Diaries 1915-1918 - By Siegfried Sassoon. Twelve cassette tapes (12 hours), read by John Westbrook, published in 1989 by Oasis Audio Books.

“These diaries, written in tiny notebooks, sometimes in pencil, often by the light of a solitary candle in dug-out or billet, provided the material for his first three prose books, which, along with his war poems, established his fame. They form an unforgettable picture of an appalling time by one of its greatest recorders.”

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