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Siegfried’s Journey 1916 - 1920

Siegfrieds Journey

First published in 1945, as described in the title, this book, the third and final part of Siegfried Sassoon’s real autobiography, covers the years 1916 - 1920.

In this book we see the real story of his protest against the war and his time spent at Craiglockhart Military Hospital. He talks about his friendship with fellow war poet Wilfred Owen, who he mentored and helped with his poetry, and his stays at Garsington, the home of Lady Ottoline Morrell.

Sassoon finally begins to write good quality poetry and get it published, and he finds fame as a writer of ‘protest’ poetry and after the war is invited to travel around America and read his poetry to various audiences.

This is Sassoon’s final book, he has travelled far from that small boy in the late eighteen hundreds. Sassoon’s alter ego George Sherston, would have been proud of him. He became a great poet and writer and ironically, probably helped Wilfred Owen to become the most famous poet of the First World War. If you have only read Sassoon’s prose, you should read his poetry. Similarly, if you only thought of Siegfried Sassoon as a war poet, get hold of his autobiographies and see a new and equally great side of a great man.

Read a review of this book published in The Saturday Review, 30th March, 1946.


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