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The Weald of Youth

The Weald of Youth

First published in 1942, this book is the second part of Siegfried Sassoon’s real autobiography covering the seven years between 1907 and 1914. It is about a writer who cannot write, struggling to find his muse. In Sassoon’s earlier fictional autobiography, ‘Sherston’ never wrote about poetry, in this volume Sassoon describes his yearning to become an author and poet.

Personages such as Edmund Gosse and Edward Marsh who helped Sassoon now appear. It is a book that takes us through a period when Sassoon knew he wanted to write, but could not find that hook on which to hang his talent.

The book illustrated is the American First Edition, (because I like the dust jacket).

Read a review of this book published in The Saturday Review, 28th November, 1942.


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